What is Better Safeguarding?

At Insight 2 Value we have worked with customers in the past on adopting a Case Management approach to helping them with some of their safeguarding challenges. In doing this we have used IBM Case Manager to deliver role based workflows that provide defensible decision making around Safeguarding Exception processes and Safeguarding Investigation processes. We’ve used the inherent content management capabilities of IBM Case Manager to securely manage access to highly sensitive Safeguarding Investigation content.

The challenge we’ve set ourselves with the release of Better Safeguarding is to look at complimentary tools that can help customers with this challenging business moment. How can we help organisations make it easier to facilitate the instigation of a safeguarding allegation?

  • Can we provide more flexible processes to assist organisation in responding to process change for each case?
  • Can we facilitate organisations desire to securely share safeguarding information with appropriate third parties?
  • Can we find a better way to analyse data to identify potentially suspicious activity?
  •  Can we find a better way to give organisations an easier way to provide Management Information on their safeguarding challenges?