Insight 2 Value primarily provide solutions to the Financial Services, Insurance and Banking industries that enable them to dramatically improve their productivity and flexibility, whilst providing unprecedented insights into their operational performance.

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Insight 2 Value – Business Automation

Built on the market-leading Digital Business platform from IBM and IBM Watson Services for added cognitive intelligence. A modular approach makes it easy to get started and then configure the solution to meet your needs, building in additional capabilities once your base solution is up and running.

Insight 2 Value – Complaints Management

A solution built on IBM’s Automation platform to help organisations take advantage of emerging technologies and tackle the long-standing challenge of customer complaints in a fresh new way.

Insight 2 Value – GDPR

Insight 2 Value’s pre-built accelerators for GDPR compliance in three key areas will significantly aid customers in managing GDPR challenges throughout their organisation with minimal customisation, if any, needed to adjust them to individual companies needs.

Insight 2 Value – Banking and Finance

Our solutions are aimed at transforming process management, providing seamless on-boarding and improving customer service at Retail Banks, Building Societies, Mortgage and Consumer Lending organisations.

Insight 2 Value – Fund Administration

Our solutions are aimed at both Management Companies who manage their own funds and Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) who provide a managed fund administration service for one or more funds.

Insight 2 Value – Pensions Administration

Our solutions are aimed at both in-house scheme managers who manage one or more schemes for large organisations and third-party administrators (TPA’s) who provide a managed service for one or more pension schemes.

The solution enables Pension Administrators to dramatically improve their productivity, whilst providing unprecedented insights into their operational performance.

Insight 2 Value – Fleet Management 

When vehicles in your fleet are involved in accidents, the Incident Manager helps you to settle claims faster, keep costs to an absolute minimum, and maintain operating efficiency as effectively as possible.

Insight 2 Value – Safeguarding

I2V Business Automation for Safeguarding can help organisations transform how they handle the complexities of the Safeguarding processes from the initial handling of Disclosure results through to handling complex appeals and investigations.

I2V can provide solutions that will:

  • Drive efficiency in your back and front office administration and compliance processes through our Business Automation solutions which include the following features:
    • Business Process Management and Workflow
    • Content Management
    • Monitoring and Analytics
    • Reporting
    • Business Rules
  • Manage all of your documents and content throughout their complete life-cycle by using our Enterprise Content Management solutions which can process the following:
    • Emails
    • Client and scheme correspondence
    • Desktop content
    • Faxes
    • Images
    • Web content
    • Text messages
    • Chat sessions
  • Derive insight and discover sentiment from the unstructured content from outside and inside your organisation by using our Content Analytics solutions.