Insight 2 Value offers Case Management solutions for Pensions Administration based on IBM’s Case Manager software.

Our solutions are aimed at both in-house scheme managers who manage one or more schemes for large organisations and third party administrators (TPA’s) who provide a managed service for one or more pension schemes.

The solution enables Pension Administrators to dramatically improve their productivity, whilst providing unprecedented insights into their operational performance.

By utilising the solution templates provided by IBM Case Manager solution I2V’s Case Management solution can be implemented in weeks rather than months and quickly tailored to the specific needs of each different organisation.

The solution enables both scheme and member processes to be managed and provides the following ready built processes are available out of the box:

Member processes:

  • Provide a member with a statement of their current pension value
  • Change a members address
  • Provide forecasts of their current pension value based on various contribution scenarios
  • Transfer a members pension or move it to a different scheme

Scheme processes:

  • Collect and distribute monthly company contributions amongst scheme members
  • Change members amongst schemes
  • Change contribution amounts
  • Calculate total scheme value

These processes can be refined to meet the specific needs of each administrator and further processes can be easily added as required.

The solution provides the following features for each process:

  • Generate detailed reports on performance against targets to ensure Service Level Agreements are met
  • Make real time performance data available to enable managers and team leaders to manage their workloads and SLA’s
  • Route and Allocate work to teams using sophisticated but flexible rules based on work types, schemes and management companies.
  • Provide different means of retrieving work dependent on users roles and the step within the process
  • Enable the automated capture inbound correspondence including letters, emails, faxes, text messages and web forms to name but a few
  • Create work from inbound or outbound documents as well as at specific points in the process based on certain criteria
  • Automatically capture data from correspondence
  • Collaborate with other team members to share vital information and knowledge
  • Generate and capture outbound correspondence
  • Make all content available from your Pensions Administration system
  • Create business rules to enable many varied business scenarios to be supported
  • Undertake case analytics to provide a consistent view of structured and unstructured data across all work in the solution and content outside of the solution