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tony doyle

Sales Specialist Enterprise Content Management at Insight2Value

Four key speaking slots from the recent IBM Content update event all good value as per usual.

From Aiim @atleSkjekkeland gave us the usual educational and informative presentation you’d expect from the industry ‘Association’. Change is certainly in the air in the ECM world in more ways than one. One interesting note was the hint that a name change of AIIM is in the offing, a sure sign that the industry is trying to figure out where this industry of enterprise content sits in the digital transformation landscape we inhabit today.

The keynote customer speaker from one of the UK’s High Street banks was certainly the highlight of the day and an eye opening quote really helped reinforce why there is still a need for all things ECM, however we describe it, with the revelation that 80% of their organisation’s processes have associated documents.

The showcase demo from Daniel Crow and Monique Ruggiero of IBM’s mobile capabilities together with BOX really got me thinking too. With all this capability now available at the click of a download and so much clear consumer demand for faster more efficient customer engagement why aren’t IT organisations in the UK biting our hands off to get this stuff rolled out? Is the in house IT department holding back the business?

I like Atle’s closing remark that the CIO should think about his or her role as Chief Innovation Officer and maybe needs to think about banging some heads together to make digital transformation actually happen.

Finally Feri Clayton’s IBM ECM Roadmap gave us a tantalising glimpse into the future with a vision of easy to consume content services that could really act as a game changer for ECM.

ECM is dead, long live Content Services.

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