Insight 2 Value offers Business Automation solutions for Insurance Companies based on IBM’s Digital Business Platform and IBM Watson Services.

Bringing best-practice ideas to the design, we have created solutions which are designed to help organisations take advantage of emerging technologies and tackle the long-standing challenges of claims management and customer service in a fresh new way.

Our solutions transform customer and employee experiences in the areas of

  • Customer Servicing
  • Claims Processing
  • Fraud Detection and Investigation
  • Insurance Underwriting

Who gains?

Customers – no barriers to making contact. Enquiries can be made 24/7 and are dealt with seamlessly across multiple channels – from chatbots, email, phone, web forms, social media to postal mail.

Customer Service teams – insight into everything they need to resolve an issue with a case-based approach, access to all the required information, all inbound communications into one in-basket, suggested task and processes to follow, more interesting work as mundane and repetitive tasks can be managed with robotic process automation and AI.

Managers – workloads of customer service staff can be managed effectively, decisions can be made correctly, defensibly (with an audit trail) and in line with any regulatory oversight.

Business transformation teams – insights into how the business is performing, adjustments to processes can be easily implemented without burdening IT departments, ability to focus in on resolving the root causes behind complaints and attempted fraud. Digitising processes lead to faster and more accurate underwriting and claims experiences.

Next Steps

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