Customer Handling in a post Covid-19 world

In a changing world where customers need answers via multiple channels 24/7, you need “digital-first” solutions to meet their needs with the assurance of success and with minimal risk.

Insight 2 Value has built a ‘Business Automation for Customer Services’ solution which utilises AI, chatbots, voice to text, prebuilt workflows and case management to deliver next-generation customer handling.

The solution runs on the IBM Cloud for quick deployment. It is built on the market-leading Digital Business platform from IBM and IBM Watson Services for added cognitive intelligence.

Who gains?

Customers – no barriers to asking for help. Contact can be made 24/7 and dealt with seamlessly whether using offline or online methods of communication – from cognitive assistants (chatbots), phone, web forms, text to speech, email, social media and postal mail.

Contact Centre Staff – office staff and home-workers have insight into everything they need to resolve a customer service request with a case-based approach, access to all the required information, all inbound communications into one in-basket, pre-built workflows and case management. Mundane and repetitive tasks can be managed with robotic process automation and AI.

Customer Service Managers – workloads can be managed effectively, decisions can be made correctly, defensibly (with an audit trail) and in line with any regulatory oversight.

Business Transformation teams – insights into how the business is performing, adjustments to processes can be easily implemented without burdening IT departments, ability to focus in on resolving the root causes behind why customers are asking for help.


Download the datasheet  I2V Business Automation for Customer Service

I2V Business Automation for Banking Customer Service

I2V Business Automation for Insurance companies