Fleet Incident Manager

Settle fleet accident claims faster and more decisively with our innovative solution that’s based on the award-winning cloud Case Management platform from IBM.

When vehicles in your fleet are involved in accidents, Incident Manager helps you to settle claims faster, keep costs to an absolute minimum, and maintain operating efficiency as effectively as possible.

Drivers can create reliable incident reports on their mobile devices at the scene of the accident. The mobile application guides the driver through the process, and prompts for all the necessary detail and evidence to assist in any associated claims.

These incident reports are aggregated as a single source of operational data within IBM Advanced Case Manager which – with its powerful workflow and analytics capabilities – enables the data to be used in many ways:

  • Streamlined claims management between drivers and insurers.
  • Automated vehicle recovery and routing of replacement vehicles.
  • Automated workflow and document generation.
  • Obtaining repair estimates and authorising the work.
  • Evidential gathering for subsequent investigation
  • Overall management reporting.
  • …and much more.

The solution runs on IBM’s Case Manager cloud, and offers simple, monthly, usage-based pricing – so you only need to provision capacity that’s adequate to cope with your own likely volume of incidents.

  • Log the location and details of the incident

  • Record Incident Details

  • Chat with the back office for immediate advice

  • Track the progress of all tasks

  • View policy documentation

  • Photograph details of incident damage

  • Record the details of any 3rd Parties involved