Safeguarding their community

This national sporting body, already a user of IBM’s i2 investigative technology, approached IBM to determine whether they had solutions that could assist their Safeguarding team with managing the processes associated with vetting and investigating individuals throughout their sporting community.

The IBM introduced I2V to them, and I2V engaged to qualify their requirements and make a recommendation for an advanced case management solution. By working closely with the sporting body and validating their requirements with demonstrations throughout, I2V were able to offer a compelling proposition based on a fixed price and prototype-based approach. Insight 2 Value was able to demonstrate key areas of functionality required based on their portfolio of solutions and experience, and thus provide assurances that the end solution would meet their requirements.

As a result, no other solution was considered. The solution comprised a combination of IBM Case Manager and i2 Analyst Notebook to address the needs of the Safeguarding team who are in charge of vetting and safeguarding processes across all individuals involved with their accredited clubs and members.

The current system in use was a modified old CRM system which had been tailored to suit the requirements of this sporting body over 10 years ago.

Changes to the system are difficult to implement and thus manual workarounds are evident throughout their processes.  In addition, there is very limited audit or restrictions in the system which means that evidence trails are hard to prove should there be disclosure requirements or legal challenges in the future.

About Insight 2 Value

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The need

This national sporting body had a requirement to replace an outdated existing safeguarding system that has been modified from a CRM system over the past 10 years

The solution

The solution comprised a combination of IBM Case Manager and i2 Analyst Notebook to address the needs of the Safeguarding team

The benefit

I2V provided a fixed price solution and prototype-based approach demonstrating key areas of functionality that meets the immediate requirements and can be readily changed to meet the ever changing challenges presented to the safeguarding team