With the rapid adoption of technology in the last decade, there has been a fundamental shift in customer expectations. Customers want a more efficient service than ever before. How you deal with your customers is central to your success.

Deliver world-class levels of complaints resolution

Insight 2 Value recognises that a complaint is a challenging business moment which needs to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bringing best-practice ideas to the design, we have created an innovative complaints management solution which is designed to help organisations take advantage of emerging technologies and tackle the long-standing challenge of customer complaints in a fresh new way.

I2V Complaints Management Solution

Insight 2 Value is an IBM Digital Business Automation specialist and has decades of experience helping customers in financial services, insurance, banking, retail and utilities industries. Drawing on this experience, Insight 2 Value has created an innovative complaints management solution based on a winning combination of IBM’s Digital Business platform and Artificial Intelligence from Watson.

Transforming your complaints process – who gains?

Customers – no barriers to making a complaint. Complaints can be made 24/7 and are dealt with seamlessly whether using offline or online methods of communication – from postal mail, phone and email to social media and cognitive assistants

Complaints handlers – insight into everything they need to resolve a complaint with a case-based approach, access to all the required information, all inbound communications into one in-basket, suggested task and processes to follow, more interesting work as mundane and repetitive tasks can be managed with robotic process automation and AI

Customer service managers – workloads of complaints handlers can be managed effectively, decisions can be made correctly, defensibly (with an audit trail) and in line with any regulatory oversight

Business transformation teams – insights into how the business is performing, adjustments to processes can be easily implemented without burdening IT departments, ability to focus in on resolving the root causes behind why complaints are being made in the first place

the anatomy of a complaint


Join us at the 19th Annual Complaints Management Forum on 22nd Sept 2020. It will be a fully online conference (not a webinar), including live-streamed panel discussions, Q&A, interactive sessions, and 1:1 networking. Contact us for details and for a discount off the registration fee.

Download the datasheet I2V Business Automation for Complaints and I2V Business Automation for Complaints Watson Edition