Insight 2 Value offers Advanced Case Management solutions for Banking and Finance based on IBM’s Case Manager software.
Our solutions are aimed at transforming process management, providing seamless on-boarding and improving customer service at Retail Banks, Building Societies, Mortgage and Consumer Lending organisations .
In the last few years, even the basic functions of customer on-boarding and loan processing have become much more complex. Customer profiling, fraud assessments and regulatory requirements result in a growing number of documents, more stringent information validation, greater collaboration, interactions and more complex processes. It has become necessary to manage these complex processes as a “case”.
The Advanced Case Management solution provides the following features for each process:

  • Enable the automated capture of inbound correspondence including letters, emails, faxes, text messages, social media feeds and web forms
  • Route and Allocate work to teams using rules based on work types, products and customer details
  • Collaborate with other team members to share vital information and knowledge
  • Generate and capture outbound correspondence
  • Create business rules to enable many varied business scenarios to be supported
  • Provide real-time insights into operational performance and potential breaches using management info dashboards
  • Provide different means of retrieving work dependent on users roles and the step within the process
  • Perform case analytics to provide a consistent view of structured and unstructured data

By utilising the solution templates provided by IBM Case Manager I2V’s Case Management solution can be implemented in weeks rather than months and quickly tailored to the specific needs of each different organisation. Our experience and implementation methodology means that we can offer solutions which are innovative and excellent value for money.
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