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Business Moments:Complaints – Could there be a better way to manage your complaints process

Tue 25 June 2019 9.30am

Can you afford to be complacent about Complaints?

Businesses can’t afford to stand still when it comes to handling their customer complaints. Your regulator and your Board are probably making more and more demands on you to improve your process.

Modern Complaints handling is far more than CRM. It requires agility, business automation and multi-channel management. A failure to respond well can, at best, cause a moment of minor customer dissatisfaction or at worst can lead to front page news, a tsunami of hugely damaging public relations, loss of market share, boardroom disruption and more.

Join Insight 2 Value for an introductory webinar to find a new way to serve your customers faster and more effectively with an innovative solution that’s based on a winning combination of IBM’s Digital Business platform and Artificial Intelligence from Watson.

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