We are delighted to announce that following our successful events in October 2017 we will now be running three more Gin and GDPR events in February 2018 in Dublin, Edinburgh and London.

Each event will be posted on LinkedIn over the coming days but in summary feel free to register to join us via the links below:

Gin and GDPR – A Cocktail of Content: London Feb 21st 2018 – Registration Open

Our London event will be broadened out to cover GDPR Business Moments, StoredIQ for GDPR and we are excited to announce that we will joined by a top executive from Box to discuss how Box are preparing for GDPR.

Gin and GDPR Business Moments: Dublin Feb 13th 2018 – Registration Open

Previous Events:

I2V GDPR Summit:  Edinburgh 25th October 2017 – Complete

I2V GDPR Summit:  Dublin 24th October 2017 – Complete

I2V GDPR Summit:  London 9th October 2017 – Complete

I2V GDPR Business Moments Online Webinar 9th September 2017 – Complete

I2V GDPR Event 22nd June 2017 – Complete